Sports & Games

Games and sports give everyone an opportunity to take a break from mundane activities, while staying fit and active. It facilitates growing children in being physically fit and active which holds an immense amount of importance for us. We understand the importance of games and sports in ensuring our students’ holistic growth and development. For focusing on indoor games, the school has a sports room well equipped with various indoor games which cater to various needs and interests of students. The equipped sports room helps make our school one of the best in Bhanvad( Devbhoomi Dwarka)

Various indoor games available in the school are Carom, judo, karate, Wrestling, takevindo, vovinam, unifight, rugby, korfball,   Chess, shooting etc. Sports room also houses martial arts competitions as well. Trained coaches and instructors are present for guiding students through the activities ensuring fair game and most importantly, safety and security. The school focuses not only on the mental faculty of the students but also the physical well being and fitness. The  school ground home to various athletic activities caters to this aspect.