Yoga Training

Keeping our body healthy and active is very important especially for school going kids. Being physically active is of paramount importance for students as it impacts their body’s development and growth. Yoga also brings emotional and mental calmness which adds qualitatively to the school’s ethos of holistic development.

Yoga is one of the most trusted ways of keeping students’ active and warming them up. The traditional practice of yoga is practiced in our school. The designated yoga room, equipped with the essentials is one of the best available amongst schools of Bhannvad(Devbhoomi Dwarka).

The ambiance of the room is very soothing to ensure students are able to experience tranquillity. Our well-trained and experienced yoga instructor helps students in achieving co-ordination among their body, mind and soul.

The daily practice of yoga in school helps the students in rejuvenating themselves.

 They also do the daily practice of Neti, Dhoti and Malkham and Rope Yoga.

The student of yoga do Havan, Puja(Prayer) Dhyan and Sandhya.s